You must be thinking what is health screening! Let me tell you what it is .Health screening are tests that look for diseases before you have symptoms. Health screening tests can find diseases early. Some of the strands in Health screening are: Body Mass Index (B.M.I), Obesity, Heart Rate, Cholestral, Flexibility etc. Now what is the purpose of health screening. Purpose of health screening is to tell you if you are healthy or not healthy. so now let me give you a detailed description about Body Mass Index (B.M.I). Body Mass Index (B.M.I) tells you if you are fat or thin according to your age. Now what is BMI. Actually BMI is a way to measure that you are healthy or not. The Body Mass Index (BMI) allows you to monitor your weight. The ideal body weight proportion to height is when your BMI is between 18.5 to 24.9. Below this, you are slightly too thin, above it, you are slightly too plump. Is it the only one in Health screening that is reliable. According to me it is not the only reliable strand of health screening. If you only use one we want know ifit is correct or not. So thats why I sujest you try them all. Now, advantages of BMI. It helps find out if we are healthy or not. It also helps you know whats your hieght or weight to find out if you have increased in size and weight. The disadvantages of BMI are that is not always accurate. As, I said before it is not the only reliable strand of health screening. Now the rating I give BMI is average as its sometimes good and sometimes bad.

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