Athletes diet

Nowadays there are many athletes in this world, even though my favourite one is Usain Bolt as he is the fastest racer alive in this whole world. Usain Bolt is a guy who is very strong though fast. His highest world record for racing is 9.58 min for 100m that was made by Usain Bolt. Usain Bolt is unbeatable till now. Now as we know how fast he is lets find out what he eats. Breakfast: Bolt prefers Jamaican dumplings (flour, water, butter and milk) and yams. Lunch: Bolt eats either tuna or snapper for additional protein with whole wheat bread and brown rice. Dinner: He sticks with either chicken, pork or beef mixed with brown rice. Bolt always keeps hydrated as well. He mixes Gatorade with water and drinks it consistently throughout the day. If he's very tired during training, he'll drink straight Gatorade to get a burst of energy. According to me Usain bolt eats enough food to get energy for him to continue racing and training himself for his next race. his diet is full of nutrients and proteins which ill help him a lot. I think i should not improve anything in his diet as he knows what he should and what not. As I am not an athlete who would know what ould be better and what not. ​​​

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